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Book Reading List

English Expo XXXIV
2024 Book Reading List

For the English Expo XXXIV Literature Contest (C), students are to read the following selection of books.   These same titles are also used for the Book Cover contest (B).

Junior Division


Storm Runner  by J.C. Cervantes*

Pashmina  by Nidhi Chanani*

Meg and the Rocks  by Katy Hammel

Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre  by Carole Boston Weatherford & Floyd Cooper

The Last Cuentista  by Donna Barbe Higuera

* Carried over from English Expo 2023 Book List


Senior Division

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter  by Kim Edwards

Pigs in Heaven  by Barbara Kingsolver

Obasan  by Joy Kogawa

The Crucible  by Arthur Miller

1984  by George Orwell

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